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In Animo et Veritate: In Spirit and in Truth

Our Mission

At Southern Psychic Seminary (SPS), we believe the next phase of human evolution is the ability to use our latent psychic talents to improve our survivability and standard of living in the modern world. To this end, our institution exists to provide quality comprehensive instruction in the psychic arts for students who wish to increase their abilities, practice their abilities, or go on to teach their abilities to others. In so doing, all of humanity benefits.

We strive to maintain a reputation within the metaphysical community for possessing the highest academic standards and the greatest ethical integrity among our staff, students, and graduates. We are the standard-bearer among spiritual schools.

Our motto, In Spirit and Truth, signifies our seeking out the true path to the Divine Source through our increase of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. We ask the Divine Creator, therefore, to keep us on that path in all our endeavors.



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What's New!

October 2, 2016
The forum is coming along. We are really going to make a push to get members to flow over from the FPR Facebook group by offering incentives and free reaidngs.

October 5, 2016
Rebecca Brant was appointed a seat on the Board of Directors. She is one of the founding members of the Free Psychic Readings Facebook group.

October 12, 2016
Over 26K members in FPR. Working hard on the tarot class. Not a lot can be done to accomplish the mission of SPS without at least one class. So, that's a priority right now.





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